A creator at heart, I believe in building products that delight people. I’m currently working on applications of depth perception, motion tracking, and camera trajectory estimation.

Computer Vision, for me, is the ultimate combination of Mathematics (linear algebra, projective geometry, probability, calculus, optimization/numerical Methods), Programming (data structures, algorithms, performance, multi-threading, GPU programming) and User Interface Development (AR, VR, desktop application interfaces).

In the past 12 years, I have explored several domains (networking, identity management, cloud computing, virtualization, transpilers, SaaS app development, infrastructure management/DevOps and computer vision) in a variety of environments (academic, small business, enterprise) at different locations (India, US) in various modes (local teams all in the same office, hybrid distributed teams located around the world).

Get in touch with me on LinkedIn, if you’re looking to get your Computer Vision projects off the ground into production.